Torah has always been and continues to be our source of inspiration as a people. Torah provides the pathway toward the creation of a vibrant, holy community. We aspire to live each day by its lessons-through our actions as well as our deeds. Through study and prayer we seek to understand what God expects of us. In the end, our accomplishments are testimony to our understanding of those expectations. One of many opportunities that we have on a daily basis to show that we understand is by giving Tzedakah. It takes the caring, the concern, and the love of a community to move institutions to heights never before imagined. With your help, Congregation Shearith Israel will be able to continue to create an atmosphere where Jewish identity can flourish, and in turn our Jewish community can be secure and can prosper for generations to come. We urge you to make contributions throughout the year denoting special occasions to any one or more of the following synagogue funds.

For more information, please contact Araceli Hernandez at 214.361.6606, extension 223.

Shabbat Announcement, Building Fund, Cemetery Fund, College Connection, Humash Fund, I.T.S.E. Shabbat Fund, Large Print Prayerbook Fund, Mitzvah Fund, Prayerbook Fund, Preschool Fund, Program Fund, Religious School Fund, Synagogue Fund, Youth Fund

Rabbi Gershon
Rabbi Glickman
Rabbi Menashe
Cantor Zhrebker

Anna B. Kaplan Fund
Annie & Sam Rosenbloom Memorial Fund
Bess & Morris Cohen Endowment Fund
Geeteh Memorial Fund
Hymie & Jeannette Schwartz Fund
J.B. Wolens Memorial Art Fund
Josephine Levine Fund
S.J. Rubenstein Fund

B & R Levy Adult Ed Fund
Bertha & Ernie Spiritas Bar/Bat Mitzvah Fund
Bertha Moss Chevra Kadisha Fund Sol &
Bess & Richard Nathan Flower Fund
Charlotte Gershon Israel Scholarship Fund
Claire and Joe Fellman Daily Minyan Fund
George Roffman Library Fund
Goetz Torah Fund
Harold Oster Cultural Fund
Herb Marcus Prayerbook Companion Fund
Katz – Levin Scholar-in-Residence
Marc Wolens & Paula Schwartz
Morris & Gertrude Reisberg Kiddush Fund
Ornish Garden Fund
Ornish Youth Choir Fund
Peggy & Herb Marcus Adult Ed Fund
Rasansky Congregant of the Month Fund
Richard L. Lax Library Fund
Rubin Kaplan Library Fund
Selikoff Family Library Fund
Schickman Liturgical Music Fund
Small/Waldman/Cohen Music Fund
Sol and Doris Freed Adult Ed Fund
W.B. & Helen Rasansky Philanthropic Fund
For Seudah Schlisheet

Bernard & Rose Cerper Educational Fund
David B. Shalom Education Assistance Fund
Feffer Aleph Class Award Fund
Feldman Gifted Children's Fund
Gertrude Einsohn fund *
Golman Family Fund *
Hy Vile Fund
Ida & Sylvan Garonzik Confirmation
Award Fund
Isaac Sobel Fund
Levi & Rebecca R. Topletz Fund *
Maurice & Sophia Genecov Religious School Fund
Meyer & Edith Ungerman Fund *
Rabbi Rachman Bo'al Koray Fund (Torah Reader)
Sam Roback Fund
Sol & Madeline Sanders Fund *
Sophie Levinson Fund *
Sadie & Phil Blatt Fund *
William & Sarah Soltes Fund*

Abe Cohen Youth Fund
Abraham Zapruder Fund
Jacob & Mollie Beren Camp Ramah Fund
Kohn/Austein Teen Program Fund
Marvin and Cyvia Nobel Youth Fund
Max & Laura Saffir Summer Camp Fund
Sisterhood Conservative Jewish Camp Ramah Scholarship Fund *
Richie Herskowitz USY Memorial Scholarship Fund
Shearith Israel's Seniors/Tillie Harmel
Camp Ramah Darom Scholarship Fund *

Becker/Zainfeld Cemetery Fund

* Denotes Scholarship Fund