Parshat HaShavua

We encourage our members to engage in Talmud Torah, torah study. Below you will find links to aid you in the study of the parshat hashavua (weekly Torah reading).

  • Torah portions
    Torah From JTS - For more than 15 years, JTS has distributed a weekly commentary on parashat hashavua' to more than 30,000 people. Their outreach through Torah now includes a weekly Midrash analysis from Rabbi David Levy, Rabbi Charlie Schwartz, Rabbi Andy Shugerman, and Rabbi Abigail Treu. We also continue our Taste of Torah featureā€”a translation and explanation of a Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch commentary by Rabbi Matthew Berkowitz.
  • Haftarah Commentary
  • Inyunei Shabbat Weekly Torah Commentary
    (Israeli Conservative)
  • Project Genesis, Inc.
  • Study of Tropes and Their Background
  • Torah Study Texts (for all verses in the Torah: including modern translations and Real-Audio sound files to hear how verses are to be pronounced, in both study text and "from the Torah" versions)