Selichot - Music and Prayer

<div>Selichot - Music and Prayer</div>

selichot guitarSelichot 2013
Saturday, August 31
Beck Family Sanctuary
Special Community-wide Selichot and Havdalah
Program at 9 -11:30 p.m.
Followed by Selichot service at Congregation Shearith Israel.

Music and Prayer is the same.

Music and Prayer 
The great Hasidic rebbe, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi wrote: "If words are the pen of the heart, then song is the pen of the soul." This year for Selichot, we are having a spiritually intense, more participatory service which will feature Nigguim and Carlebach melodies with guitars. Below are the melodies that we are using. Feel free to download to learn these beautiful niggunim, or to just listen to them to lift your spirits.

We will hold the Selichot service in the Beck Family Sanctuary. This year’s service will feature the spiritual melodies of Reb Shlomo Carlebach, guitar accompaniment and spirited singing. The inspirational melodies will stir our minds and hearts as we prepare to welcome a new year. We need your presence and participation. 

Please click on any of the prayers below listen to the melodies.  Click on the “PDF” link, to print out the prayers in Hebrew.  If you wish to download them to your personal computer or mp3 player, right click on the file and save it to your computer.


Melody MP3

Hebrew Prayer PDF

Music PDF

1. Return Again

Return Again

Return Again-Eng

Return Again-Music

2. Shir Hama'a lot

Shir Hama'a lot

Shir Hama'a lot

Shir Hama'a lot-Music

3. Nigun



Nigun Intro-Music

4. Lishmoah




5. Shmah Koleinu

Shmah Koleinu

Shmah Koleinu

Shmah Koleinu-Music

6. Mi Sheanah

Mi Sheanah

Mi Sheanah


7. Shomer Yisrael

Shomer Yishrael

Shomer Yishrael

Shomar Yishrael-Music

8. Ose Shalom 
From Kaddish

Ose Shalom

Ose Shalom

Ose Shalam-Music